A Look at Some MI Schools Statistics

All one has to do is look at the results to know our state is in trouble in regards to education. 

MI ed spending is up to $14.8 billion in 2018 (increasing every year despite a decline in student enrollment) yet school results are on a steady decline.

The Wall Street Journal summed it up perfectly in January of 2018

"Few state school systems report worse achievement metrics than Michigan."


Our 8th grade NAEP test proficiency rate is 28.5% in math & 31.8% in reading.

In 4th grade we are at 28.6% proficiency in reading.

******A 28% proficiency rate, if we are talking about 100,000 students, means 72,000 of them are NOT proficient!

This is not a money problem. 

This is a problem of our schools using unproven educational methods on our children, like Common Core, data mining & constant testing/ teaching to the test, & our schools not making decisions based on what is in the best interests of the students.

Need an example?  

We have had Common Core in MI for 8 years & results have gone down.

On our own state test, 3rd Grade reading proficiency, which is a strong factor in determining educational success, has gone from 75% in 2007 to 44% now.

  Is anybody moving to proven effective standards, tests, methods, etc.? 
Who is being best served?  Certainly not the students.

My bill, HB 4192, would get MI out of Common Core, the related testing, the inappropriate data collection, MI involvement in national education consortiums, & it would return local control & parental rights.  It would also give MI students proven best in nation standards, & tests in all core subjects

We spent on average $12,765 per student last year, which is the 21st highest in the nation, despite our cost of living being 22nd lowest in the nation.   I am all for spending money on our public schools, but I expect excellent results.

Our teachers make $62,000 on average which is the 23rd highest in the nation.  I am all for high pay for teachers best serving their students. 

Our HS graduation rate is the 11th lowest in the nation.

Also, where is the accountability? 

I ask Lansing what happened to the millions sent to Detroit schools to fix the buildings that are falling apart, since they are still falling apart, & I get "I don't know." 


How can we not know where millions of dollars went? 

Is there no paper trail? 

Are there no internal controls? 

Where are the Auditors? 

We MUST understand the power & accountability structure in Michigan schools & hold people accountable for the failures, or our schools will never be excellent.

It doesn't take a CPA like me to know that these numbers do not add up.

The Status Quo is UNACCEPTABLE. 

Here is my plan to Make Michigan Schools Great Again:

Return truth & excellence in education to MI schools.

  • No Common Core, planned economy, tracking or data mining students.
  • No biased teachings in any subject; history, sex-ed, religion, science, ELA, etc., including via Social Emotional Learning.
  • We must return Intellectual and Academic Integrity to our Universities. Stop lack of free speech on college campuses & discriminatory hiring practices against conservative professors in our Universities; the K-12 teachers are getting a biased education & bringing that to our children.  Not an appropriate use of our tax dollars. 
  • Teacher colleges must provide focused instruction on exactly what is needed to do a great job in the classroom from day one.  Michigan students must get the best.  For example, teachers should be trained in explicit phonics so students can learn to read and teachers should learn child development.  A quality teacher for a few years in a child’s life can help overcome negative things happening in the home.  Teachers can change lives!
  • High academics using proven educational methods based on proper child development. Classical education including America’s Founding. Classical literature; phonics; scientific method & fact-based science including chemistry & physics with theory presented as such; efficient & effective math, teaching foundation then building blocks.
  • Reading help in every grade until all children can read using phonics & phonics trained teachers.
  • Limit testing time/ maximize classroom time & use valid & reliable tests only. Over-testing kills the love of learning, decreases thinking skills & creativity.  Teachers must have time to teach - they are under the thumb of so much regulation and so many meetings, etc.
  • Improve special education - MI is LAST in nation for special education & we should be FIRST.

Return local control & parental rights to MI schools.

  • We all must understand our duty in maintaining the effectiveness of local control & parental rights.
  • Parents know what is best for their children & have the God given duty to educate their children. Our schools are a tool for parents to use in this role & the government must not overstep.
  • We must keep special interests & corporate money out of education so our schools focus on the best interests of the children.
  • We must protect our home school freedoms.  Parents must have real choice in education for their children.  

Fight back against systemic abuses - particularly regarding discipline, sexuality & data privacy.

  • Parents must be informed of everything going on in the schools, including anything sexual, medical or psychological.
  • Children must be disciplined without exceptions. How will we change the culture at our universities, like MSU, while actively discouraging discipline for these behaviors in K-12?
  • The MSU/ Nassar case is personal to me & completely unacceptable. Parents must come alongside their children to serve their best interests.  All children must be respected and protected.
  • Digital learning platforms disconnect parents from what their children are learning & turn kids into a profit center that can be exploited by government & corporations.  We need stable textbooks & the protection of the personally-identifiable information of students.  Technology should be used when there is a direct and positive affect on learning, including our special education students.

Our State of MI Board of Education must be relevant, trusted, efficient & effective in its role.

  • I have been endorsed by Board members Tom McMillin, Nikki Snyder & Dr. Zeile & we will work together to make a positive difference for the students.  I will work with anybody that wants to put our students first and get our schools back on track.
  • I have recruited two education advocates to run in two years that have a passion like mine to improve education.

Increase accountability of state education policy leaders.

  • With everybody making policy & passing laws & nobody being held accountable for the declining results in our schools, we clearly need to tighten the ship. Students deserve better, as do the taxpayers.
  • Smarter use of educational dollars; make sure every penny is spent wisely, with a direct & positive impact on student learning in the classroom.
  • I will lead by example & pledge to hold myself accountable. If Michigan's children are not making progress in improved reading achievement by 2024, I will not run again. I will challenge my fellow Board members, members of the Michigan Department of Education, & all elected officials to do the same.
  • I will lead the discussion with the Board, exploring how we can offset the 10% of MI school funding that comes from the federal government in order that we break their unconstitutional strings.