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Tami Carlone is the choice of conservative leaders and the conservative grassroots!

Tami Carlone is endorsed by Board Members Tom McMillin, Nikki Snyder, & Dr. Richard Zeile, Top National & State Education Advocates & Experts, hundreds of Delegates & Activists, many U.S. & MI Representatives, Senators, other elected officials & party leadership, & most importantly many Local School Board Members, MI Teachers, Special Education Advocates, Parents & Students!

National Education Expert Endorsement Letters

"To the Voters of the Great State of Michigan -

By voting for Tami Carlone for a position on the Michigan State Board of Education, you have a great opportunity to move forward the causes of academic excellence, parental rights, data privacy, and several others. I have been working against the incremental, but radical transformation of our nation via the education system at the state and federal levels for nearly two decades. Over the last several years I have been blessed to meet Tami and am very impressed by her deep understanding of these complex issues; her ability to work with elected officials, activists, and parents across Michigan and the nation; and her dedication and passion to protect the hearts, minds, and futures of our precious children. It is my great honor and pleasure to endorse Tami in my personal capacity for this important position."

Karen R. Effrem, MD

President, Education Liberty Watch

Education Issues Chairman, Eagle Forum

Co-Founder and Executive Director, The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition

Regular Contributor, The National Pulse – American Principles Project

Board Member, The Alliance for Human Research Protection

"Tami Carlone is one of the most informed parents in the country on education policy and practice. She has been an active member of the national education network Truth in American Education, discussing best practices in education policy online on a daily basis. Tami also helped me edit my most recent book, “Changing the Course of Failure: How Schools & Parents Can Help Low-Achieving Students” and she co-authored a bill to get Michigan out of Common Core, related testing, and data collection in an effort to depoliticize taxpayer-funded schools. Tami knows what works and what doesn’t work in schools. She is committed to improving education for all Michigan students with proven methods, materials, and standards. What is in the best interests of this nation and its children is her driving force."

Dr. Sandra Stotsky

Professor emerita, University of Arkansas

Former Senior Associate Commissioner of Education, Massachusetts Department of Education

Member of the Common Core Validation Committee, 2009-2010, who did not sign off on Common Core’ Standards

"To the Citizens of Michigan:

It is my great honor to endorse Tami Carlone’s candidacy for the State of Michigan Board of Education.

I have known Tami for years, have corresponded with her on a wide range of education issues, and have witnessed as she became well-known in Michigan, and then nationally, as an education advocate.

Nowadays, special interests dictate education policy, so that they might get a piece of the national $700 billion per year in education expenditures and so that children might grow to become cogs in a corporatist economy; yet, Tami Carlone’s heart is unpolluted by such perversities. With an open mind, she readily seeks the views and concerns of others. She relentlessly and unselfishly pursues the truth of each issue until she understands it thoroughly. Then she draws her sword and raises her shield (snowflake message: this is meant figuratively), and fights the good fight.

One of America’s great cultural achievements was the idea, and practice, that all children would be provided a true academic education that would enable them to fully exercise their liberties, to search for the truth in all things, and to be a person of substance for their families, faith communities, neighborhoods, and country. Such a basic education enables the individual to chart his or her own course in life, whether as a tradesman, professional, artist, businessman, etc. In adopting such an education for all, local communities across America rejected the practice in Europe and elsewhere of reserving a true education for the elitists.

But the education establishment has discarded that achievement. It has instead embraced a dumbed-down, collectivist education that prepares children to be mere cattle, to be tagged and moved from field to field in service of a few, favored corporations. It has nearly achieved the progressive dream of disconnecting children from their culture and from notions of eternal truths, as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. If we continue on this course, the rising generation will be ill suited to chart their own paths in life, to direct government, and to safeguard liberty.

Until Michigan (and America for that matter) elects more school board members like Tami Carlone, liberty will be at peril.

For all these reasons, Tami has my full endorsement."


Emmett J. McGroarty

American Principles Project, Senior Fellow

TruthinAmericanEducation.com, Co-Founder

"Michigan needs advocates for local control, classical education, parental rights, student privacy, and common sense on their state board of education. Tami Carlone will be that advocate. I know this because that is what she has done for years on behalf of Michigan parents and taxpayers as an ordinary citizen."


Shane Vander Hart

Truth in American Education, Co-Founder

"Enthusiastic Glowing Thumbs UP Endorsement for Tami for State Board of Ed!"

Michelle Moore

New York Parents Involved in Education (NYPIE), President

United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) Member

Manages Stop Fed Ed National Campaign

Manages Badass Parents Association

"To the residents of Michigan, I am proud to call Tami Carlone a "Warrior" against the federal intrusion into education at the State level. Tami knows, like many of us nationally known anti-federal education Warriors, that 10% funding shouldn't equal 100% control. Tami has also identified the other controlling funding streams, programs, initiatives, and laws which are turning MI's education into a workforce prep streamline, not an academic powerhouse. I feel Tami would be a great champion against the "status quo'."

Sincerely Yours,

Lynne M Taylor

North Carolina Education Activist

Award Winning Educator

Education Researcher, Author, & Speaker Nationally Known as 'Common Core Diva'

MI Education Expert Endorsements

Melanie Kurdys - USPIE, MIPIE, Stop Common Core in MI, TAE

Deborah DeBacker - Stop Common Core in MI, TAE, Troy Delegate

Karen Braun - Stop Common Core in MI, Former Canton Delegate, Home school Expert

Pamela Haskell - Education Researcher, Home school Educator, Delegate in Jackson County, DAR

"It is my pleasure and honor to endorse Tami Carlone to be the next State Board of Education member. I have worked with Tami for several years in our collective efforts with Stop Common Core in Michigan to repeal and replace the nationally derived Common Core State Standards and its insidiously aligned assessments. She led the effort to stop the College, Career, and Civic Life Standards (C3 Framework) in 2015 from being adopted by the State Board of Education due to the inherent bias and inaccurate information throughout the standards. She also co-authored two bills, House Bill 5444 in 2016 and House Bill 4192 in 2017, which would have required the repeal of Common Core and the use of evidenced-based practices in Michigan’s school districts while returning local control back to parents. I can personally testify to her passionate and tireless efforts in restoring parental rights in all aspects of education.

Therefore, I am proud to endorse someone who has shown such exuberant leadership abilities and who is a fellow staunch supporter of liberty and freedom in our publicly funded educational system. Tami Carlone will be a valuable asset to the State Board of Education and to the parents and children of Michigan!

May God bestow many blessings on her campaign!"

Michelle A. Frederick

Mom; Veteran; White Lake Precinct Delegate; Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee; Stop Common Core in Michigan Leader; Michigan Parents Involved in Education Board, MDE Special Education Advisory Committee

MI Elected Officials, Delegates, Parents, Students, Teachers - Endorsements:

“Tami has been a vocal leader for restoring local control of education and promoting common sense solutions that put Michigan students and parents first. On November 6th, I hope you will join me in supporting Tami Carlone for State Board of Education.” - U.S. Congressman Bill Huizenga - 2nd District

U.S. Congressman Tim Walberg - 7th District

National Committeewoman Kathy Berden

Speaker of the House  and Attorney General Candidate Tom Leonard

Representative Gary Glenn - sponsor of my bill to repeal Common Core HB 4192

Representative John Reilly

Representative Jim Runestad

Representative Steve Johnson

Representative Ed McBroom

Representative Shane Hernandez

Representative Jeff Noble

Senator Judy Emmons

Former Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville

State of Michigan Board of Education Member Tom McMillin

State of Michigan Board of Education Member Nikki Snyder

State of Michigan Board of Education Member Dr. Richard Zeile

President Trump's State of Michigan Campaign Manager Scott Hagerstrom

Michigan Conservative Union founder Norm Hughes

Monroe County Commissioner Dawn Asper

Walled Lake City Councilman Gabriel Costanzo

Republican Party State Committee Member 3rd CD, MI Representative Candidate Matt Hall

Novi Mayor Pro-tem, Republican Party State Committee Member 11th CD Dave Staudt

Republican Party State Committee Member 3rd CD Richard Houskamp

Republican Party State Committee Member 5th CD ; Budget Committee; Saginaw County GOP Treasurer; National Delegate 2016 Mary Ann Rankey

Republican Party State Committee Member 14th CD Matt Seely

Republican Party  State Committee Member & VP Policy Committee Jack Holmes

Republican Party State Committee Member 12th CD Jason VonMueller

Republican Party State Committee Member 9th CD Jason McClanahan

Republican Party State Committee Member 5th CD Koen Driesen

Republican Party State Committee Member Darlyn Vigh

Republican Party State Committee, LCGOP, 8th CDRC Member Marcia Dicks

MIGOP Administrative Vice Chair Gerry Hildenbrand

MIGOP Coalitions Vice Chair Kevin Tatulyan

MIGOP Grassroots Vice Chair Mark Gurley

Saginaw County Commissioner Kathy Dwan

1st District & Alcona County Republican Party Secretary Carrie Mullins

2nd Congressional District Chair Michael Hewitt

4th Congressional District Chair Judy Rapanos

13th Congressional District Chair David Dudenhoefer

12th Congressional District Wayne Vice Chair William Hartmann

12th Congressional District Secretary Eric Johnson

8th Congressional District Member and Hartland Delegate Denise O'Connell

11th Congressional District Committee Former Member Lynn Sturla

Oceana County Rep Party Chair & Bd of Commissioners 4th Dist Andy Sebolt

Oceana County Republican Party Treasurer and Retired Teacher Lori Green

Alcona County Republican Party Chair Jaynee & Husband Rich Germand

Antrim County Chair Randy Bishop

Clinton County Republican Party Vice Chair Jenell Leonard

Crawford County Republican Party Chair Sandra Moore

Gogebic County Republican Party Chair Geraldine Burt

Grand Traverse County Republican Party Chair John Roth

Hillsdale County Republican Party Chair Steve Vear

Antrim County Republican Party Vice Chair & Senate Candidate Jim Gurr

Antrim County Executive Committee Former Secretary & Treasurer Priscilla Miller

Antrim County Republican Leader and Business Owner Cheri Hogan

Clare County Republican Party Chair Jerome Berger

Clare County Republican Party Vice Chair Dave Isaac

Eaton County Republican Party Secretary & Tea Party Chair Darlene Littlejohn

Gladwin County Republican Party Chair Linda Birgel

Gladwin County Republican Party Vice Chair Randy Clough

Grand Traverse Republican Party Executive Committee Barb Willing

Mecosta County Republican County Chair Ormand Hook

Newaygo County Republican County Party Chair John Bumstead

Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee Myron Zolkewski

Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee Gerry Clixby

Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee Don Ebben

Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee and Commerce Delegate - Joe Brandis

Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee and Farmington Hills Delegate & GOP Club Leader - Bill Belcher

Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee; Birmingham Republican Women's Club Board; FH Delegate - Linda Stalberg

Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee Shane Trejo

Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee & LATP Marian Sheridan

Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee Lana Mangiapani

Saginaw County Republican Party Chair Catherine Zemanek

Muskegon County Commissioner Candidate Zach Lahring

Shiawassee County Republican Party Chair Mary Nordbeck

Tuscola County Republican Party Executive Committee Dean Campbell

Tuscola County Republican Party Executive Committee Secretary Jennifer Sayles

Gratiot County Chair Former - Yvette Franco-Clark

Tuscola County Treasurer Mike Slocum

Retired Lieutenant colonel Dave Agema - Former National Committeeman & State Representative

Livingston County Colbeck Campaign Leader Jonda Sewell

Van Buren County Executive Committee Member/Former Chair Rose Rook

Republican Women's Federation MI Area Chair Michelle Trosper

Republican Women's Federation of Mid-Michigan Chair Ana Maria Guzman

Saginaw Republican Women and Birch Run Delegate Suzanne Hall

We The People of Mid Michigan Chair Bill Miller

Livingston for Trump Office & Colbeck Campaign Coordinator Cindy Beach

Michigan Representative Candidate Paul Taros

Michigan Representative Candidate Gail Eichorst

Lieutenant Governor Candidate and Tea Party Leader Wes Nakagiri

Joe Johnson for Bay County Commissioner

Meshawn Maddock - Leader of Michigan Trump Republicans

Laura Toy - Livonia City Council; Senator Judy Emmons Staff

Steve France - Calhoun County Tea Party Chair

Kelley Vilenski - Stop Common Core Northern MI

Jeff Phillips - Kingston Board of Education & Former State of MI Board of Education Candidate

Adam D'Angeli - State Rep Office Team, Political Consultant, Milan Delegate

Norm Hughes - Conservative Activist and  Former Reagan Staffer

Christine Giacobbi - Works in Special Education

Dennis Marburger - Birmingham/Bloomfield Republicans & Campaign for Liberty Area Chair

Scott Frush - Northville Trustee Candidate & Former Northville School Board Candidate

Amy R. Carl - National Delegate 2016, Candidate for County Commission

Pastor DeShawn Wilkins - State Senate Candidate in Detroit

Lisa Papas - Teacher running for Senate in District 2

Miha Todd - Candidate for State House in Milan

John Wagner - Lifelong Teacher

Professor William Wagner - Salt and Light Global and The Oak Initiative

Thayrone X - On the Edge radio host, WAAM Radio and Conservative Activist

Tony DeMott - Director Michigan Campaign for Liberty, Ypsilanti Delegate

Arline Helms - Founder of Reviving the Foundations, Former Home Educator and Delegate

Irving Ginsberg, Ph.D - Education Activist and Farmington Delegate

Heather McDougal - Grass Lake for Truth

Gene Clem - President VanKal Tea Party

Dick Manasseri - Sharia Crime Stoppers

Diane Schindlbeck - Founder of West Michigan Republicans

Joni L. Jones, PhD, RN, CNE - Constitutional Conservatives Calhoun County Chair

Gina Johnson - Colbeck Campaign Volunteer Coordinator

Reginald Dickson - Retired Principal, Teacher and Counselor

Giani Cazan-London, MD - Board Member of Livingston Classical Academy & Delegate

Cindy Duran - Former MI Conservative Leader and Delegate

R.George Dunn - Republican Activist and Former Delegate

Abigail Nobel - Health Care Activist and Delegate

George and Cheri Davis Harvey - Conservative Education Activists - Northville

Amy Stuart - Conservative Education Activist

Richard Wilson - Calhoun County Education Activist

Krista Quick-Curtis - Conservative Education Activist

Jean Black - Conservative Education Activist

Jennifer Siek - St Joseph, MI Administrator & Teacher

Debra Babcock-Mantey-Ell - Trump National Delegate

Rob Cortis - Trump Mobile and Delegate

Grace Norris - Haslett Delegate & Chinese for Trump Leader

Patti Bowers - Novi Delegate

David Hackstock - Troy Delegate

Lauren Burris - West Bloomfield Delegate

Jodi White - Westland Delegate

Fordney P. Volkmer - Chesaning Delegate

Darlene Ball - Chesaning Delegate

Denise Seeley-Navarre - Chesaning Delegate

Sue Millne - Petoskey Delegate

Wendy Milne - Saginaw Delegate

Isaac Martin - Commerce Delegate

Cindy Beach - Marion Delegate

Janet Lichon - Saginaw Delegate

Ernest Speck - Canton Delegate

Paul Funk - Novi Delegate

Leona Perry - Saginaw Delegate

Rick Knieper - Hamburg Township Delegate

Tim Aschmann - Springfield Township Delegate

Veronica Lagarch - Saginaw Delegate

Jan Tolley - Saginaw Township Delegate and Retired Teacher

Susan Campbell - Juniata Township Delegate

Sandi Bockelman - Highland Delegate

Mike Bockelman - Highland Delegate

Dan Schifko - Hartland Delegate

Denis Curan - Livonia Delegate

Seymour Wilson - Farmington Hills Delegate

Penny & Ken Crider - Canton Delegates

Ken Garner - Plymouth Township Delegate

Pat Thomas - Waterford Delegate

Diane Bernier - Independence Twp. Delegate

Brenda Smith-Smart - Ann Arbor Delegate

Cathy Irvine - Rochester Hills Delegate

Doris Keefer - Wixom Delegate

Sabrina Ramirez - Former Muskegon Delegate

Ken Garner - Wayne Delegate

Ray Reifsnyder - Ottawa County Delegate

Beverly Hanson - Lansing Delegate

Tyler Hammock - Livingston Delegate

Anne Marie Rogers - Oakland Township Delegate

Andrew Ditchfield - New Hudson Delegate

Sue Helke - Walled Lake Delegate

Beth Grate - Milford Delegate

Mark Ebben - Novi Delegate

Patti Stupar - Fowlerville Delegate

Phil Stupar - Fowlerville Delegate

Karen Ebben - Novi Delegate Candidate

John Johnson - Wells Twp Delegate

Kim Jurincic - Wixom Delegate

Dan Lauffer - Walled Lake Delegate

John Irvine - Rochester Hills Delegate

Paul Sherbeck - Wayne Delegate

Adam Sayles - Gilford Township Delegate

Carol Seaver - Kimball Township Delegate

Robin & Joey Schuetz - Livonia Delegates

Rhonda Weber - Northville Delegate

Carolyn Kirin - Waterford Delegate

Richard Piwko - Lexington Delegate

Joan Jacobson - Odessa Township Delegate

Jodie Brown - Westland Delegate

Tim Brown - Westland Delegate

Donna Cherba - Monroe Delegate

Richard Steckmeyer - Monroe Delegate

Tony Sharkey - Former Ostego County Commissioner Candidate and Delegate

Ann Marie Rodgers - Ann Arbor Delegate

Diane Ritthaler - Belleville Delegate

Rick Gull - Delegate

Jan Recktenwald - White Lake Delegate and Retired Teacher

Joellen Pisarczyk - Former Livingston County Delegate and Retired Teacher

Deborah Moore - Midland Delegate

Linda Brandis - Commerce Delegate

Hal Longman - Calhoun Delegate

Gail Horolack - Northville Delegate

Celeste Cole - West Bloomfield Twp. Delegate

David Lonier - Auburn Hills Delegate

Kenneth Lloyd - Bloomfield Hills Delegate

Tim Kuhn - Gross Point Woods Delegate

Danielle Leigh - Shelby Township Delegate

Cliff Frost - Warren Delegate

Tom DeWitt - Shelby Township Delegate

Donna Drotar - Farmington Hills Delegate

Don Peven - Farmington Hills Delegate

Eugene Greenstein - Farmington Hills Delegate

Renee Strobl - Gross Point Shores Delegate

Sally Reid - Gross Point Park Delegate

Jay Hackleman - Gross Point Park Delegate

Walt Koppy - Detroit Delegate

Frank Mamat - West Bloomfield Delegate

Laura Krentz - Rothbury Delegate

Polly Kingsley - Milford Delegate

Nicole Lawson - Royal Oak Delegate

Christine Gray - Northville Delegate

Vickie Kahle - Milford Delegate

Eve Jung - Birmingham Delegate

Tim Keller - Port Huron Delegate and Teacher

Lisa Schaffer - Port Huron Delegate and Teacher

Carol Moore - Birmingham Delegate & MI for Vaccine Choice Leader

Walter Koppy - Detroit Delegate

Rob Weitt - Sturgis Delegate

Judie Ratering - Three Rivers Delegate

Diane & Dave Stamp - Northville Delegates

Jim Krieger - Lambertville Delegate

Robert Oestreich - Delegate

Shannon Szukala - Thornapple Township Delegate

Marlin Klumpp & Tecumseh Delegate Kathleen Klumpp

Cindi Holland - Holland Delegate

Donna Drotar - Farmington Hills Delegate

Richard George - Milford Delegate

Beth Fink - Milford Delegate

Gary Moore - West Branch Delegate

Joseph Kubic - Farmington Hills Delegate

Jim Maher - Troy Delegate

David Fulkerson - Oakland Township Delegate

John Hicks - Lyon Township Delegate

Richard Faulkner - Waterford Delegate

Monica Schafer - Williamston Delegate

Terry Whitney - Clarkston Delegate

Richard Stopinski - Commerce Delegate

Jackie Parker - Berkley Delegate

Bob Brines - White Lake Delegate

Earl Meyer - White Lake Delegate

Tom Jennens - Novi Delegate

 Danny Callahan - Commerce Delegate

Russ Tierney - Highland Delegate

Janice Brines - White Lake Delegate

Pauline Montie - Trenton Delegate

Ron Hoge - Plymouth Delegate

Richard Sharland - Plymouth Delegate

Duane Zantop  - Plymouth Delegate

George Balcewicz - Holly Delegate

Harold Osgood - Southfield Delegate

Donald Eichstaedt - Lathrup Township Delegate

Beloni Sobolewski - Brighton Delegate

Jeff Sobolewski - Brighton Delegate

John and Erin Brewster - Waterford Delegates

Karen Crawford - Walled Lake Delegate

Charles Curmi - Plymouth Delegate

David and Sharon Ligon - Commerce Delegates

Terry Poplawski - Farmington Hills Delegate

Diane Dangelo, MD - Birmingham Delegate

Linda Wildern - Delegate in Lenawee County

Frank Feldt - Livonia Delegate

Jacqueiline Parker - Huntington Woods Delegate

April Guiles - Milford Delegate

David Wells - Nunica Delegate

Benj Spencer - Muskegon Delegate

Nick Giddings - Spring Lake Delegate

Ann Brown - Muskegon Delegate

Bill Lethemon - Waterford Delegate

Linda Lethemon - Waterford Delegate and Retired Teacher

Pat Brown - Novi Delegate

Terry Haines - Pontiac Delegate

Pam LaDuke - Milford Delegate

Gabriel Costanzo - Walled Lake Delegate

Mary Carlton - Commerce Twp Delegate

Greg Carlone - Novi Delegate and Candidate's Husband of 24 years

Andrew and Kaleigh Carlone - University of Michigan Students and Candidates Two Children

Leeta von Buelow - Citizen

Judith Ann Climer - Flint Delegate

Anna Thompson - Citizen

Bree Slocum - First Responder in Grand Rapids

Heidi Jacobson - Citizen

Sandy Glore - Muskegon GOP Office

June Wehmer - Citizen West Olive Twp

Deb Null - Executive Director in Muskegon

Abiade - Family Therapist in Muskegon

Sondra Cross - CTV Muskegon

Chris Kaijala - Chemical Engineer in Muskegon Twp

Jay Riggs - Co-founder iWear Solutions in Spring Lake

Sam Collinsworth - Interlochen Delegate

Cindy Caperton - Interlochen Delegate

Tim Kandou - Howell Delegate

Dan Jones - Plymouth Delegate

Jean Black - Citizen in Ottawa

Donna Charka - Citizen

Gordon Szalwinski - Citizen

Pilar Flores - Concerned Citizen and Taxpayer

Bill Axtell - Bloomfield Hills Delegate

Jacquelyn Bracy - Citizen in Wayne

Diane Lovejoy-Cannon - Farmington African American Parent Network Secretary/ Tutor 

Nicolas Wilcox - Chair of Elk Rapids Teenage Republicans

Marin Roth - Traverse City High School Student

Tami's a real fighter for public education....for the truth to be taught!  - Phyllis Risdon - Parent & Education Advocate

Tami has a great understanding of the issues that plague Michigan public education and a passion for helping to support ALL students in our state. As the mother of a student with special needs, I feel that Tami will work towards an educational plan that will be inclusive of all of our kids, no matter their ability to learn. She attended my son's 4 hour IEP meeting to gain a better understanding of how the process works, and to support my son and our family. I am more than confident that Tami Carlone will be a strong voice for our children.

Chris Bethel

Parent in Northville Schools

Tami Carlone is brilliant. She has incredible knowledge of the history of education, where it went wrong and how to fix it. Her grasp of data, statistics and structure will be a great asset to Michigan State Board of Education. Most important however is her knowledge of the history of our country and the importance of upholding the United States Constitution. Vote Tami Carlone for Michigan State Board of Education. 

Mrs. Sandy Betten 

Parent & Activist Spring Lake, MI

I am Stephen Rockman, a candidate for the Grand Haven Area Public School Board. I enthusiastically support Tami Carlone for the Michigan Board of Education. She understands that in our constitutional republic, a primary purpose of education is to instruct our posterity in the blessings of liberty. This requires honest instruction about our nation’s history and founding and reverence for our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. She further understands that we fail our students when we fail to inform them about patriotism and civil civic engagement. I trust that Tami will help restore respect for the founding principles of our country and how that ensures our hope for a brighter future.

As a home school educator, Mom of 4, Attorney licensed in the State of Michigan and former Milford Republican Precinct Delegate, I hereby endorse Tami Carlone for the State of Michigan Board of Education.

Mona-Lisa Cichosz, Esq.


Tami Carlone is running for one of the two open seats on the Michigan Board of Education. I know of no person more passionate and knowledgeable about what is required to improve our educational outcomes. She is a staunch opponent of the programs associated with what has become known as the “Common Core” system, as well as federal interference in our education process. Please spread the word. Elect Tami Carlone to State Board of Education. Thanks all."

Mr. Tom Stillings

Former 1st District Vice Chair & Congressional Candidate

"Dear Michigan - I recommend and endorse Tami Carlone for State of Michigan Board of Education. Tami is a strong proponent of students. She is able to assess the big picture and to dive into the detail. She is intelligent and never afraid to question. She was one of the first to identify flaws with Common Core. The students best interests is her motivation. Please support Tami Carlone in her bid for this critical role. Thank you."

Rhonda Weber

Northville Republican Club Director Social Outreach

"To the wonderful people of the great state of Michigan,

It is my honor and pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Tami Carlone for State Board of Education.

I have known Tami for over 18 years and cannot say enough about her passion and heart for the children of our state. Tami has always held steadfast in her quest to ensure that our children receive a quality education. She understands their need to be well rounded, successful, confident, and healthy (inside and out) in order to achieve their full potential. Tami has the knowledge, integrity and leadership skills to help guide our children in our ever changing world.

There are so many factors, which influence a child's future success, and Tami is in tune to the varied needs of ALL our children to be successful. She has spent years working with local school districts navigating changing educational requirements and has worked hard to make sure our students educational needs are met in a logical, proven way while understanding the importance of family involvement.

Tami is a strong advocate for equal education, free from prejudice of race, gender, or religion, and will fight to make sure special interest groups do not influence our standards. She swill study a matter until she knows it inside and out before making a decision. She thoughtfully thinks before acting or responding to a crisis.

Tami will make certain she is putting our children's best interests above all others. She will work tirelessly and honestly. She will put her heart and soul into doing the best job for our children's education.

As a Family Practice Physician and mother of two who understands the physical, emotional and educational needs of our children, it is without hesitation that Tami Carlone has my utmost support and endorsement for the State of Michigan Board of Education. I would be proud to have Tami represent my family and the state I love."


Sheryl R. Conn, M.D.

"Tami Carlone, a Flint native like my husband, and I spoke for quite a while about education reform and the truth behind the inequality and educational divide within our school system specially inner city schools. I was impressed by her knowledge and drive to make a positive impact on all schools, not just those in the better communities in the state."

Natasha Jiles

Auburn Hills Delegate

Detroit Teacher

Endorsements by Organizations:



"Detroit, Michigan -- United States Parents Involved in Education ACTION (USPIE Action) announced its endorsement today of Michigan conservative leader Tami Carlone for the Republican nomination for Michigan School Board.

USPIE Action is the legislative affiliate of United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) with the shared goal of abolishing the US Department of Education and ending all federal education mandates. Ms. Carlone has signed the “Stop Fed Ed” pledge “to reject all federal mandates tied to federal funding,” and “fight against federally mandated curriculum, standardized tests, student data collection, and all illegal and unconstitutional mandates from the U.S. Department of Education.”

Founded in 2014, USPIE Action is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that exists to further the goals of freeing the nation's schools from federal intrusion as they endeavor to impact public policy, influence elections, and support candidates who share their goal to restore local control of education to parents and communities.

USPIE Action President Sheri Few says, “This outstanding candidate has signed the USPIE pledge committing to do everything within her authority and constitutional power to defund and abolish the unconstitutional United States Department of Education, to cease all federal education mandates, and end the collection of student data without prior written parental consent.”

The national parent group says it looks forward to working with Ms. Carlone, a member of the Michigan school board, advising her on education policy issues and restoring local control of education to parents and communities."

The Detroit News

The Elk Rapids Teenage Republicans

Michigan Trump Republicans

Associated Builders & Contractors of Michigan PAC

Michigan Conservative Coalition

Overpasses of America - Rustbelt

Lakes Area Tea Party

The Michigan Vaccine Freedom PAC

Upright Michigan PAC

Branch County Republican Party

Right to Life of Michigan

Citizens for Traditional Values - CTV